Track and Trace Self delivery to Customers

Many distributors are today differentiating their business from competition by providing easier and quicker services to their customers. As a part of this endevour, delivery of goods at the customers doorstep goes a long way. In the past you  could only classify orders for door delivery or hand delivery with the information getting printed on the invoice, however there were no means to track the package once it leaves the distributors premises. The entire process was either not recorded / documented or was manually captured on paper.

This not only created confusion for customer service reps as they had no idea about who delivered the goods and when the same was delivered. Apart from issues like missing parcels or pilferage, the means to track and reply customers was quite archaic. Sending this issue from customers, Incluziv DRS was created.

With Incluziv DRS ( Delivery Run sheet) now the distributor has the option to track and update the delivery of each item with proper documentation of what got delivered and when. Our state of the art Incluziv DRS Mobile app available both on Android and iOS platforms not only helps distributors give the delivery staff the felxibility of using their own device (BYOD) but also allows them to update deliveries in real time using their app. The DRS app can be downloaded from the Google Play store and the iOS app store by your delivery staff. They would need the CRN and OTP authentication to validate their identity and then you need to create their user credentials in Incluziv for them to start using the app.

Distributors can segregate parcels and assign the same to delivery boys / staff. A Delivery run sheet print can be taken from the software in case you need to physically get a customer’s signature. Now you can also mark the parcels for COD ( Cash on Delivery) so that your person is reminded which shipments require him to collect money from customers. Once the user is on the road, the app can pin point the delivery location on Google maps based on the address shared on the app. The app talks to Google maps or any other default map on your mobile device and opens the address on the map.

Apart from this the delivery staff has access to the invoice hence if at any point they want to share the PDF copy of the invoice with the customer for collection of funds or for any reason they are easily able to do it themselves using their phone without having to over burden the customer service teams.

User is easily able to not just locate a shipping address but also collect money and record the same along with auto updation of the delivery time. This makes it super easy for the Customer service staff at the office to answer customers about delivery and handle any queries. We are soon working on making it easy to collect any old outstanding for customers wherein you can use the app to see the outstanding invoices of the customer and collect any old funds while yuor person is there at the customers doorstep.

We welcome you to try out the new DRS app, talk to your account manager or call us on 7292006854 and activate your DRS app today and enjoy the control and convienience of Incluziv DRS.