Shop, browse and order in your own language with the Incluziv Customer Mobile app

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Are you looking for ways to improve customer engagement on your mobile apps? Want more of your customers to place orders online ?

We are excited to introduce  our new state of the art mobile application for both Android and iphones, in your customers’ native languages soon with Incluziv ERP 2.0. If you customers prefer Gujrati, they can use the app in Gujrati, whereas your customers from Tamil Nadu can use the same app in Tamil. Using of native languages is a great way to promote your products and build loyalty.

Excited to know more ?

We are building in product promotions with Incluziv ERP 2.0 mobile app, and now you can upload pictures and videos and show them to your customers on the mobile app. You spend so much money and effort on preparing videos and posts for social media, now use those same graphics and videos on your app to promote the same to all existing customers.

All this and much more is coming soon with your Incluziv ERP 2.0 to be released this year in March.   You’ll be able to see how our powerful tool can help you stay in touch with your customers and grow your business.