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Have you ever ever felt occupied doing clerical chores instead of spending time on the rather important business areas ?
Is the lack of controls and processes not letting you move out of your warehouse or office?

You are now in the right position to work with Incluziv, The Number 1 software for home fabrics distribution.

The most pressing issues faced by distributors today are

  • Purchasing excess stock in items that are slow and having frequent stock outs in fast moving items.
  • Not being able to release sales orders quickly as it take a lot of time to retrieve stocks
  • Having a leaking process when it comes to credit checks which leads to customers taking undue advantage of your weaknesses.

Incluziv enables an entirely barcoded inventory and barcoded warehousing. We also have accurate credit checks to make clerical troubles a thing of the past. Our reordering module helps in ensuring you have the correct stock at all times

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