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According to our survey conducted among distributors across India, piling inventory was cited as the number one problem by close to 40% distributors. Every year, new catalogs are bombarded in the market and they cause more and more stocks to get accumulated at the distributors warehouses.

Let us do a small exercise.

  • Get a SKU wise stock summary of the inventory available in your warehouse right now..
  • Now check out the sales of the last 2 months and get the SKU’s which cumulatively sold 70% of your total sales in qty. You will surprising find that just 18-35% of SKU’s give you more than 70% of your sales. Hence it is important to manage these SKU’s intelligently and avoid any unwanted stocks in the remaining 70% SKU’s.
  • If you keep ordering all SKU’s using the same parameters, then you will end up ordering anything that is in short supply at the same re-order levels. However to understand that the slow moving 70% items are the ones which get piled up, it is important to monitor those and re-order them in smaller quantities.
  • Incluziv Cloud uses ABC analysis to re-order items by automatically tracking the sales and stock levels of each SKU and recommending what to order, and how much to order. By making your purchases a one click process we have eliminated the risks associated with wrong re-order quantities.
  • We ensure a minimum savings of Rs. 25,00,000 a year by optimizing your purchases which will save you cost of goods, storage costs and material handling costs.

  • Call us today to understand how can Incluziv help you with optimizing your inventory controls.

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