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With so much choice and variety available in the home furnishing marketplace today, building brand loyalty amongst your customers has become crucial for staying on top. Building customer loyalty is important, because the customers you worked hard to convert, may vanish before you know it happened.

The Following are the 4 ways in which you can build customer loyalty.

1 Help your customer simplify their lives.

It is important to figure out customer needs and ensure your company is in line to fulfil those. A major roadblock these days customers face is placing orders with suppliers. Currently orders are placed via phone calls, Whatsapp/SMS and Emails. This is a tedious and error prone way of placing orders for both the customer as well as the suppliers.

You can instead provide your customer’s with Incluziv Online Ordering App. This gives your customers the comfort of placing orders on the move, at his will by viewing stocks which are available. This eliminates phone calls & the burden of punching orders at your end, which helps in delivering orders faster and keeping your customers happy.

2 Develop a Reputation of consistency and quality.

Can your customers count on your brand ? Are you consistent with quality & service levels ? Take an Example of Apple or McDonalds. When a customer purchases any product from these brands, he does not need to worry about the quality of the item, since over the years they have been consistent in their domain.

Similarly in the Home Furnishing sector, product differentiation is reducing day by day. The best way to stand out from the competition is to deliver consistent service levels apart from the quality of products. If you deliver the correct products in the fastest way, a customer will always choose to purchase from you.

3 Be transparent with your customers.

Being transparent with your customers ensures there is minimal strain on them while conducting business with your brand. A major concern these days is the problem of payments.

This can be managed stress free with Incluziv Clouds’ Credit Controls. You can provide your customers with payment terms and credit terms without worrying about excess material ever gettig dispatched to defaulters. Customers can be provided with Value based or Period based credit terms. On non fulfilment of payments, customers will be notified automatically, and will not be able to place orders until dues are met. This way you can be transparent and yetl remain stress free.

4 Focus on what sells rather than trying to sell the unsellable.

According to our survey, over 60% of distributors use the same reordering model for all their stocks.

This is a matter of huge concern since margins are at an all time low, and piling up of inventory can be a major cost to the company.

Incluziv Clouds Re-Ordering module helps you order products which are in demand and need to be replenished rather than ordering stocks which are not in demand. Our application uses the scientific ABC analysis to suggest the right items. 
This helps in keeping relevant items in stocks and avoid stock outs of In demand goods. 

This ensures that the products are never out of stock ensuring a great experience level for you customers.

7 out of the top 10 Distributors are ‘Loyal to us’. Its now your turn to join us and take your business to the next level. 

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