The best cloud-based inventory control system

The best cloud-based inventory control system

Create sales strategies, manage re-order point, and keep your customers satisfied with Incluziv Cloud, a complete inventory control system for home textiles.

Most efficient use of stocks for Cutting

A major challenge with all cut distributors is opening up of new rolls for order fulfilment as there is no control on which rolls to be used for fabric cutting. Our comprehensive picking logic for cut fabrics ensures that the correct roll is picked up every time for cutting. Ensure that your warehouse picks the right roll everytime thereby reducing excessive cuts on fabric

Optimal Re-ordering avoiding stock piling

Re-ordering of stocks and unwanted inventories are the biggest issues with distributors today. They end up ordering stocks that move slow and are out of stock on fast moving items. Our use of ABC analysis, tweaked specifically for the home furnishing industry gets you to order the right stocks and reduces the inventory of unwanted items thereby saving a whopping 3-8% on reordering and inventory costs over a year.

Bar coding of each roll and cut piece

Each and every roll entering the warehouse is bar coded. Further when the rolls are cut new bar code stickers are generated for each roll. This helps in easy tracebility of the rolls and avoids cutting from wrong pieces of the same fabric thereby reducing inventory wastage almost completely.

Location mapping of each piece in the warehouse

Each rack in the warehouse can be coded (bar-coded) and the same can be married to the piece numbers so that when a roll is allocated for an order the worker knows where the piece is lying and can go to pick the piece from the correct location. This feature eliminates the need to have experts who know the product and who can identify the item location.

Detailed history of stock transactions

Each transaction of stock is mapped completely in the application. You can trace a roll back to the time it was received from the manufacturer. Each cut on the fabric, right upto the point to when it was dispatched and all other details are easily traceable with the click of a button.

Expected date tracking of arriving goods

A lot of times lack of clarity on the arrival of goods, causes a lot of phone calls between customers and staff, which are easily avoided in the system using the expected date feature. The auto updation of expected date eliminates the need for manual inputs unless there are change in dates by the manufacturer.

A cloud-based inventory control system

A cloud-based inventory control system

Create sales strategies, manage re-order point, and keep your customers satisfied with Zoho Inventory, a complete inventory control system.